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Butternut & Jap Pumpkin Mix

Butternut & Jap Pumpkin Mix – golden for everyone – including Vegans, Gluten Free Diets and of course Dairy free

The golden colours and sweet flavours of pumpkin are wonderful in all kinds of dishes. Like all orange-fleshed fruit and vegies, pumpkins contain a high level of betacarotene. This important antioxidant is converted to vitamin A by our bodies, and helps to prevent degenerative disease.

Recipe ideas from around the World.

The usually ingenious French do little with pumpkins, other than turn them into soups and breads. Pumpkins are used more often in the Mediterranean and Middle East, as a filling for filo pies, or paired in soups and stews with pulses and aromatic spices. In Greece, pumpkins are made into preserves and pies. The Italians use pumpkins as a ravioli filling, or make them into gnocchi, while South East Asian cooks use the tender young leaves in stews and the flesh in soups and curries.

Pumpkins are a type of winter squash, a member of the cucurbita genus, whose summer cousins include zucchini. Some varieties originated in South America, and others in Central America. Native Americans consumed pumpkins as a medicine, as well as drying them for food and to weave into mats. Introduced to the American pilgrims by the Native Americans, pumpkins quickly found favour and were immortalised as one of the traditional foods of Thanksgiving. Europeans initially used pumpkins as cattle fodder, but today they are enjoyed throughout the world.

Butternut pumpkin:

This buff-coloured, pearshaped pumpkin has dense, dry, sweet-tasting flesh, making it the most versatile type for cooking.

Jap pumpkin:

Jap is short for Japanese pumpkin or kabocha, as it is known in Japan. There are many different varieties, such as Kent. The green/grey skin is mottled yellow and brown and is easily cut. A nutty-flavoured pumpkin, it has yellowish/orange flesh that is soft and drier than most.

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