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The beautiful, bright ORANGE from the Central Burnett region and Victoria is in her prime now, with plentiful supplies of blood oranges, Cara cara navels, and the South African variety, the Midknight Valencia. Cara cara is pink-fleshed, sweet and seedless, Valencia is juicy, contains few seeds and is known as ‘King of Juice Oranges’.

Blood oranges on the other hand boast a tangy raspberry-citrus flavour with a deep ruby flesh and red-tinged skin.

Oranges pair remarkably well with almonds, chocolate, apple, blueberry, and fennel.

Choose firm, glossy fruit that feels heavy for its size; the bright orange colour is not a sure guide to quality. Oranges are best kept at room temperature, but if you’re not going to eat them in a day, store them in the fridge. Call TOWN and COUNTRY MARKETS (07) 3892 7755 or order at https://www.townandcountrymarkets.com.au/orders-deliveries/ #towncountrymarkets #oranges

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